I believe that being heard is a fundamental human need. I will work with you to understand the world as you experience it and together we will explore your thoughts and feelings at your pace and in a way that feels safe and unthreatening. Under these therapeutic conditions, feelings of anxiety depression or other emotional distress can be addressed and as you reconnect with yourself you will become more confident in your ability to make the decisions that are right for you.


The guiding principle in relationship work is also that of being heard, but here we work together to support each individual in telling their story in a way that the other can understand. We work to increase empathy and compassion whilst still acknowledging any hurt or sadness. Learning to appreciate and manage differences between you whilst still respecting individual needs helps improve communication and develops your abilit to explore conflict with greater patience and compassion, allowing you to make decisions together about your relationship.

Young People

Working with your child requires a different approach to working with an adult as their emotional literacy is still developing and they may not easily be able to talk about their feelings. I provide opportunities for your child to engage in therapeutic play, offering creative tools and games to facilitate the exploration of feelings. The experience of acceptance and being heard are just as important as when working with an adult and achieved by giving your child the freedom to choose how to use the materials on offer and allowing them the space and time to share their experiences with me in their own way.